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Our brand name holds within it the magic and nostalgia of childhood memories, where carefree days where spent, curiously exploring the world around us, and the wonder of discovery was still fresh in our hearts.
Some of our founder’s fondest memories: ….are from her summers in Africa, where the arrival of the magical plum-like fruit from the water berry tree, known in the local dialect as umdonies arrived, which we playfully called madonies. With my mother, my three siblings and I eagerly picking the fruit while our six furry pets, Hailey and Pettie, Bonzo, my dachshund, Snoopy, Teela and Snowy adding to the gleeful melee, watching as each bite of the plum fruit turned our hands and mouths into a vibrant purplish hue, filling the air with the innocence of childhood laughter... In 2005, as I sat down to write the blueprint for Muldooneys in Europe, it is those innocent childhood memories that came flooding back. Muldooneys is a playful nod to those precious moments - a blend of my mother's name, the magical ma(donie) tree, and the legacy of an old leather workshop established in 1975.

It is this sense of wonderment and joyfulness, that embodies the spirit of Muldooneys, where adventure is around every corner, where magic is still in the air, where the innocence of discovery, as long as one looked beyond. It is about finding meaning, and of losing oneself in fantastical worlds, even if all around may not be perfect. It is about youthfulness, of playfulness, of curiosity.
We invite you to embrace the spirit of Muldooneys and experience the joy of rediscovering the magic and beauty of life. Eight series, designed for those who love the avant-garde, luxury, sentimentality, beauty, and possess the courage and grace to embrace life's adventures with open arms. Each item carefully crafted to reflect the authenticity and unique spirit of Muldooneys. From luxurious leather bags to exquisite accessories, to immersive phygital brand theatre - every item a testament to our commitment to quality, creativity, and authenticity – offering our customer a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Our bags are more than a statement piece, they carry with them the essence of luxury, sentimentality, and the enchanting magic of life's most treasured moments.

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They say hindsight is wisdom, but foresignt is the holy grail.It is with this mentality that I am looking into the future with Muldooneys. Today, ten years after having to stop after a tragic diagnosis of breast cancer, we have relaunched Muldooneys 2.0, seamlessly adapting a supply-chain innovation model connecting our customers at the intersection of luxury, traditional French savoir-faire, technology and art – with a Made in Paris, France label. We have taken the route of meticulously sourcing and working only with French suppliers, putting in the long hours of work and bravely creating our luxury handbags from start to finish. Every detail can be traced back to its French source, authenticating Muldooneys as a 100% French-made design. To answer the call for transparency, we are using blockchain in our supply chain. Our hologram digital keys enable us to directly connect with our customers at every touchpoint of our product's journey in real-time.
This bold new vision also involves scaling up into the emerging metaverse. We harness its power to provide every customer with not just a physical product but also a digital NFT twin that we mint for her.
At the intersection of luxury, fashion, art, and technology lies the new path for Muldooneys. One which speaks to the discerning connoisseur who loves creativity, luxury, avant-garde design, and sentimentality.
Our new collections, are a culmination of the beauty, magic, and mystical sentiment that makes up the very essence of life. They are crafted with courage and a deep respect for the French métier, made in France with soul, and designed to captivate and inspire.

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